Yesterday afternoon I had hit my limit with people. My tolerance for stupidity and lack of common sense maxed out for the day, I decided to relax, check facebook, and read the news. This did NOT help, and the tears started flowing. I texted my Mom that I was losing faith in humanity and that the world is headed in the wrong direction. She responded, “or maybe it’s headed in the right direction, closer to Jesus.”
Good point.
I said, “I think I need another missions trip to renew my faith in humanity.”
Then I went on facebook again, and I read somone’s post: “How can you expect God to use you as a beacon in the world, if He cannot use you as a candle where you are?”
Today I keep hearing you on Life 102.5 talk about the Kindness Challenge.
Ok God, I’m listening! Time to change MY heart and outlook!

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