Yesterday my almost 10-year old daughter Lydia said “Mom, I’ve been cleaning my room and listening to Life 102.5. I have an idea. They were talking about the cruise with MercyMe in January, and I decided I want to give them some money. Even if I don’t win the cruise, I just want to help them. I’ve been praying about it for a couple of days, too, and I really want to do this.” We just made a donation of $50, which is all of the birthday money she will be receiving from her great-grandma in a couple of weeks. We always listen to Life 102.5 in the car, and every night as she is going to sleep Lydia also turns Life 102.5 on. We have always been thankful for you, but to see the Holy Spirit working in my young daughter’s life through your station, even to the point of prompting her to be sacrificially generous, is such a blessing to this mama-heart!

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