Do you know that feeling where you’ve had the worst day ever? Well that just happened to me just yesterday. I wore a rubber band on my arm and I know this is bad but I would hurt myself using the rubber band.  I was driving to work ready to break down crying, and the car’s radio doesn’t usually work, well at that moment it turned on. I just felt like something told me to put on Life 102.5, I did and I went to work laughing and smiling forgetting that I had a bad day. I remember getting to work and I prayed that the radio would work and when I got off of work the radio worked. Ever since yesterday I’ve had that connection with god and I’m so glad it came now because I wasn’t going on the right track.  I lost that rubber band, so I want to thank Life 102.5 and God for giving me that hope to keep going. Much love from me.

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