Just a note to say thank you for your daily encouragement. About a year or so ago a friend that I spoke to about some things troubling me said listen to Life 102.5 and place it in God’s hands. I took her advice and then last year she asked me to join her at a Christian’s women’s retreat as my marriage and life seemed to be crumbling under my feet. I did and it has changed my life. This past summer she asked if I would join her in a prayer challenge group with a 40 day Draw the Circle challenge by Mark Batterson. I took her up on it. That book and myself keeping a journal has 100% saved my marriage and my family. The song by Casting Crowns “God Of All My Days” brings me to tears. My husband and I are growing stronger and communicating better than we have in the short 7 years we have been married. Words can’t express the saving grace God placed in my friend that day for saying listen to your station.

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