Went on a trip to see a friend who had open heart surgery.. 10 Hr. Drive Without much money, however I saw this family when my family and I were out to dinner and they looked kind of sad. I told my husband I felt truly blessed that we were even able to go so far away to see our friends so I used the money I had saved to spend on something special for myself which i don’t usually and payed for that family’s meal.. The waiter pointed to me and the family came over to our table and said we are so sorry we don’t remember you. Well I said you Don’t were not from here. confused the man asked then why would you do that, I told him how I felt Blesses and Jesus want’s us to be kind to one another and you looked kind of sad. (Mom Son and Wife) Thanked me and started to cry. It’s The anniversary of our infant sons death. We just can’t believe someone could be so kind they said. They were leaving the restaurant and I heard a few people say , See there is still kindness in this world.. Thank you Jesus to continue to bless my friends and family. And thank you 102.5 for reminding me every day too be Christ Like. Through the hope and encouragement every day I continue to be a better person.

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