Last week was a bad week for me. I suddenly, without warning, lost my oldest brother due to a massive brain bleed. When I heard about the event I immediately began praying. 1st I asked God to perform a miracle, and to save my brother. If that was not his will, I asked that God not let him suffer long. I was stunned when God brought him home. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t function. Then my friends began to pray for me. People I didn’t know began to pray. My brother lived in Texas. I flew down there as fast as I could to see my brother before his organs were donated. With God’s help, and with the help of the many prayers, I was able to maintain my composure, and give peace and love to my niece, who really needed it. Without all of the prayers, I don’t think I could have handled it so well. I thank all who believe in the power of prayer!!

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