My husband and I were going through a very difficult situation with his ex-wife and his visitation rights. Though I use the term loosely. We were struggling to find funds to pay for an attorney and to travel out of state to see his three children. Their mother seemed to believe that she could dictate when and how he would be able to spend time with them. This year we are told we should be satisfied with the 52 days we get to spend with them. It cost thousands of dollars in attorney fees and hotel stays, travel expenses and flights… just to lose more time with them and have the child support increased. It broke my heart to see his tears and the lack of understanding that the children have. The song, Even If by MercyMe got us through a lot of very difficult days. I continue to pray that they will be able to make their own choices some day and find a way to spend more time with their dad, but Even If…my hope is in God alone.

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