I had to go into the hospital and have a heart ablation and when they got me on the table they asked what kind of music I wanted to listen to and I said Christian. They had to make my heart go superfast so they could find a little area that was making my heart go too fast sending me to the ER to have them slow it down. I had to be awake. I was tied down to lay perfectly still and I was sweating like I was running a race for like 3 hours. Then the doctor came in by me and said they just weren’t getting it and if I would be ok with them speeding my heart up even faster? I I said yes of course because I wanted it to be fixed. When he walked away I cried a little and then I prayed and he came right back around the corner and he said I don’t know what you did but it worked, and crying again said I prayed. God is good!

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