In November 14 2016 I had an emergency c-section. My baby girl was 3 months early and a small 4 lbs. we were fine for a while until the doctor came in and said that Nora had an infection and they were running tests. She somehow got a rare blood infection called serratia. They started treatment right away and I was at her bedside as much as I could. Touching and holding was limited and that’s all I wanted to do. I had a 5 year old at home who was missing mommy and desperately wanting to meet her sister, but she wasn’t allowed in the NICU. One day (just a week after having the c-section) I was talking with the doctor while sitting with Nora and my incision broke open. I had hematomas lining my incision and somehow got the same infection Nora got. Horrified, they rushed me to emergency surgery. They fixed me up and let me rest. Fast forward to November 24 2016, baby Nora was still fighting, but had grown significantly weak. She was med flighted to a children’s hospital in hopes that they could do more, but it was too late. She was sent back to the hospital that I was still in so I could spend my final moments with her. They said the infection had already taken half of her brain and she was no longer breathing on her own. She was doomed to a life of vegetation if I let this go on. I argued and stated I could take care of her. I would feed her purée, I would bathe her, change her…whatever it took to not lose my baby. finally a decision was made to pull all tubes and let her go peacefully. I felt it was Gods will. He wouldn’t want her to suffer. She passed quickly and silently right next to me. By the grace of God, I was released from the hospital, but I was having trouble walking after that. I’m sure most can gather that from a lack of movement, your body develops blood clots. And I did. My left thigh was completely full of them, from groin to knee. One small one in my right thigh and a large one in my abdomen. I was lucky to be alive. They immediately put me on blood thinners and prescription compression socks. I have had to undergo multiple tests, scares, ER visits and nights where I’ve cried myself to sleep. Recently, I had a small scare of cervical cancer, thank God it was negative! And I was just informed on May 17, 2018 that I no longer need the blood thinners and my body is ready to have another child. My point today is that we should always, ALWAYS keep our faith and trust in God. He has a plan even if we don’t understand. It’s not our job to understand everything, but it is our job to trust him. My husband got saved in the midst of my spiral. My sweet Nora now has more care than any of us could ever imagine. And I am a proud woman of God. I am a walking beaken of light for people who are unsure. I am a testimony. I am loved. God will save you and help you through. I praise God every day for my life.

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