I am a mother of 3 kids ! Rafael , Trevell and Faith. I am a single mother who often times turns to Life 102.5 to listen to encouraging music, and songs that help make my day go by without feeling that there isn’t hope! In 2012 , I was blessed with a son, who I named Rafael and has been my biggest miracle I have ever received in my life. In 2015 I experienced the lost of my youngest son Trevell , who died just 15 hours after he was born at Meriter Hospital. I was 35 weeks pregnant and he died of lack of oxygen. He was my youngest son but now my Angel, I then got pregnant with my daughter Faith . I was thanking God each day for my “rainbow baby” and how happy I was to be able to bring a daughter into this world . When I was 20 weeks pregnant the doctors told me she wasn’t going to make it full term that she was lethal. She had no chance of living. She had Thanatophoric dysplasia , which is; “A severe skeletal disorder characterized by extremely short limbs and folds of extra (redundant) skin on the arms and legs” I told the doctors that they were wrong and I began to pray and pray everyday and everywhere I went I prayed and all i asked God was for guidance. Faith was born at 38 weeks on January 5th, 2016, at Meriter Hospital, the staff then me rushed to the recovery room because they said she wasn’t going to make it past the first 3 hours of her life, and I continued praying , I kept telling God” If she made it this far , she will continue to make it”. going through the grieve of my son, and thinking about my oldest son (Rafael), I was so focused on my daughter that i didn’t know what way to go or think, all i knew was to be positive and leave it all in God’s hands. Faith lived for 10 days before God had called her home. It has been the hardest past 3 years of my life, but i continue to encourage mothers who have lost their child to continue to be strong ! It never gets easier, It continues to make me stronger each and every day. I can definitely say there has been times when I’m driving home with my 6 year old son and we both just start singing along to the songs that Life 102.5 plays and its always such and uplifting experience. I continue to be a strong mother each and every day and continue to thank God for my miracle son who is 6 years old today and is my oldest son!

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