About 5 years ago I slipped on ice and I felt a bone break before I even hit the ground. I thought I had broken my right ankle. I broke my left ankle and leg about 15 years ago. I drug myself to our porch steps and screamed outside for my daughters who were in the house getting ready for school. Luckily one of them heard me. My husband was out of state for work. My daughter brought me a blanket to sit on as the cement porch steps were freezing and brought me the phone. She didn’t want to call 911. So I called and the EMT’s took me to the hospital. After an x-ray I found out that I had broke my leg about 3″ above the ankle. After surgery, I woke up in extreme pain that did not go away even after pressing the button for the pain meds. The recovery nurse told me that the surgeon that did my surgery doesn’t usually give nerve blocks. Remember, I had the other leg and ankle broke 15 years before and did not have this kind of pain. I had twice as much metal put in then, and must have been given a nerve block. In the middle of the night I was in extreme pain. The nurse said I had the maximum amount of pain meds she could give. I begged her to call the surgeon and ask if I could have a muscle relaxer. I had two huge knots that were spazming in my leg. I was told no. When the Anesthesiologist stopped in the morning she told me the knots were probably from where the tourniquets were placed during surgery. I cried all through the night and sang the chorus to the song “Lord I need you” by Matt Maher all night long. I truly believe that this song is what got me through the night.

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