I have really been struggling with my faith as I watched my husband fight brain cancer. So many questions that didn’t seem to have any good answers. His faith was strong even as he told me he was going, which he did on July 6, 2018 at only 47. It was me who couldn’t understand why. Why is cancer even possible with a God as great as ours? Why innocent children and people who were as great as my husband was?
Then as my son drove his dad’s truck to the funeral he started flipping through the presets on my husbands stereo and there you were. There was some sort of peace that came over that truck. I still had unanswered questions but I wasn’t so angry anymore. He gave me 29 yrs with this amazing man and I thank God everyday for that. I have since changed my stereo to Life 102.5 and it has not been changed. Thank you for your station, I know it wasn’t just a coincidence we found you that day.

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