I recently returned home from a short-term mission trip to Lithuania where a group of teens and some adults from my church go every year to be involved in Discovery Camp, an English Bible camp. One of the daily routines is singing worship songs, in Lithuanian in the morning sessions, and in English in our evening sessions. Our American teens prepare English songs and the Lithuanian leaders prepare Lithuanian songs. There was one song, which was one of my favorites, sung in Lithuanian, which I did not recognize the melody to. We all sang our hearts out, but I did not know what I was singing! Today, I was driving home from church and flipped on my radio, which was on 102.5. And I heard this familiar melody, but did not know the song! I realized it was my favorite Lithuanian song, which was “Resurrection Power” by Chris Tomlin! Funny how I learned this song in Lithuanian before I did in English! Music has no bounds!

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