RE: Fear Is a Liar!! In reading other people’s stories here, I am reminded how blessed I am that the LORD has allowed me to stay on this earth longer to be with my family & friends. I NEVER want to come across as complaining, because the LORD has done such wonderful things for me. Most of all, HE has saved me = SALVATION! Regarding the song Fear Is a Liar. I am still recovering from brain surgery (brain tumor removed April 2017)..Fatigue & Brain fog our my most challenging symptoms as I strive to take care of my home & family. I was feeling very overwhelmed a week ago, and while my son was driving me to do an errand, His son/my 7 yr. old Grandson was in the car who I am very close with. I was explaining my cognitive struggles, and my Grandson said “Dad, play Fear is a Liar”. So my son looked it up on his phone & played it. I had heard it a few times before, but this time I listened to the words closely, and cried a long healing cry because the words were reflecting just how I was feeling. As my Son & Grandson sat quiet, I knew that the LORD spoke through my 7 yr. old Grandson; telling me that HE hears & understands. Though I never said the word fear when explaining my challenges that day, GOD gave a little boy HIS wisdom to translate my struggle to fear; which I am now aware of, and can pray against, and move on even more. GOD can & does speak through Christian songs & Radio. Thank You!!

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