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Sometimes things just fall in to place and when you look back you see that God was SO obviously there.

Right place, right time God moments-Heather

Right place, right time God moments-Michelle

Right place, right time God moments-Mia



2 Responses to "Dave & Candice – Right place, right time God moments"

  • Melissa says:

    Candance was talking about her taught morning thinking it was just something that happens, but perhaps God was protecting you from something. Timing is everything to God. I remember a time when I was driving with my sister and my window was down, we were talking and I rolled up my window soon after I saw a dude mowing the end of the road ahead not really thinking anything about it as we passed the dude mowing a rock flew up and hit the window I had just rolled up. I have no doubt that rock would have hit me the driver in the face had the Holy Spirit now prompted me to roll that window up… I put things together after the fact… Think about it…

    1. Dave Conour says:

      God is amazing! Thank you for sharing.

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