I just want to share how this radio station helped me experience a true God moment this morning. The last three years have been a complete life change for me,,,my mom pasted away, I changed job careers, took over responsibility of the family farm and became caregiver for my father. A few days ago I decided that I needed to start a soul journey to just get myself back on track. With the guidance of two books “Just Be Love” by David Schroeder and “The Cure for a Common Life” by Max Lucado, I started this journey which can be scary because the results are unknown. This morning as I was thinking “Is this the right thing?” the song “Different” by Micah Tylor came on and I felt God reaching out to me to assure me that this was the path, I brought tears to me as well as a sense of assurance. God was using the music and Life 102.5 to encourage me to continue my soul journey. Thank you and God Bless!

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