We have listened to the station for about 12 years now (since we moved to Wisconsin).  In 2012 our 3rd child was born. At 3 months old we ended up in the ER at the Children’s Hospital. We would learn to call it 2nd home. After a long initial stay and countless ones to follow, we learned our precious little girl had a rare genetic disorder. Only 1 of 16 on the planet. Our storm had begun. Many unanswered questions, and unknowns. I cannot tell you how the station has kept us close to God. Our daughter was a fighter! So we would blast Mandisa to remind us we are stronger then our circumstance. The moments in between the storm are countless – the ways the station has help us refocus, praise him when there are no answers. Many tired nights driving home late into the night to be home in the morning for our other kids wondering how the night was going to go. Thank you for tey one song I have heard 1000 times but at 1am has new meaning and kept me awake so I could get home safely. Our beautiful girl went Home this past summer (2017) . Her sickness took her away. And we miss her everyday. We played “Home” by Chris Tomlin at her funeral. So when you play it we are reminded of her. Sometimes we cry, sometimes we turn it up and sing it really loud because she is finally healed. She would have been 6 this last Feb. We were blessed with 5.5 years with her. Her perceived time was unknown. But doctors didn’t think it was anywhere near 5.5. So that is a miracle in it self .
I feel like I am rambling. I have wanted to write for sometime but couldn’t seem to type the words. I would like to say the Play-doh drive deeply touched my heart. There were tears! The Children’s Hospital truly is our 2nd family and we do miss them!
Thank you for all you do. The station really does help us everyday!

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  • priscilla says:

    Wow! This hits home. I have two grandchildren who will be six later this year. The one with a June birthday has Lyme disease. Nothing compared with Patricia’s daughter’s battle! Yet it does tug at my heart to see it changing her path: losing weight, being one of the smallest children in her class, wearing down/getting tired out more quickly than her siblings & peers. Her Mama keeps searching for good answers & fought for over a year to get the medical community to run the right tests & actually start treating her! Even when she, as a four year old, lost ten pounds the medical “professionals” chose not to be concerned. There was not just one dr. Or one clinic involved.
    Just do want to clarify here; I have been to Children’s hospital in Milwaukee & they did provide extrodinary care, even diagnosing the ecoli the clinic in a different part of the state had dismissed when examining my ten yr. old’s complaints/symptoms.
    This granddaughter attended your spring to life event on Saturday and had a great time! It was rewarding because she had been a super sales person for her school carnival and after selling around 60 raffle tickets for the event was sick on that day & could not attend.
    She (and her 3yr old sister) seemed to not be able to get enough of the bouncy house! They were benefactors of a very skilled faced painting artist and were each transformed into a beautiful butterfly. The five yr old even received a crown from a very kind (and busy) ballon artist! They also spent quiet time at the table making cards for Mom while I shoo’d her off to get in line for a chair massage. (I took new baby brother for her & he cooperated by staying asleep during that time).
    I expect there was some other place to comment on your event, but I am not familiar with your site. Thanks to all who supported this event. I was glad when my daughter said yes to coming and even more glad after such a great time for all!

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