To some degree, we’ve all been there.

The late night phone call that changed everything. A doctor’s diagnosis that stopped you dead in your tracks. A casual trip to Dairy Queen that ended with the death of a child. A summer thunderstorm that that spawned a tornado and devastated a community. A school shooting. The earthquake in Haiti. That morning years ago when the World Trade Center disappeared.

Why would God allow this to happen?

Bestselling Christian author Phillip Yancey spoke with Neil Stavem on Faith Radio’s Connecting Faith program. Author of “The Question That Never Goes Away“, he looks at some of the common themes that often accompany tragedy:

Why did God allow this?

What can I do to help my suffering friend?

The importance of community

Check out the entire interview, and be sure to look for other great interviews on Connecting Faith with Neil Stavem.

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2 Responses to "Why, God?"

  • Jackie Roberts says:

    One message about tragities. I had heard a long time ago, was, not to ask the Why but What? What does God want to teach me about this fallen world and about Him.
    Losing a husband in his early 50’s and raising 5 daughters ages 17-8 has thought me a lot about What and what to do next. No one and I mean no one knew what to do for me; bankers, lawyers, finanancial advisors, pastors etc. Friends did much to take some of the girls into their family events. The new normal was a daily adjustment but, the Lord was so faithful. Easy ride? No. The repercussions are still being experienced today in each of them.
    The Lord is still working things out for the good for me and each of them as painful as that may be at times.

  • Jackie Roberts says:

    I read Where’s God when it hurts after it first came out. Remember that it was that he was always with me.

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