Reverend Billy Graham effected the lives of over 215 million people around the world. One thing many of us have realized today is how we have personally influenced by Dr. Graham. My history with Billy Graham’s ministry is extensive. My dad accepted Christ at a Crusade when he was 10 years old. Some years later, my mom was a counselor at Crusades and even sang in the choir. As a child I tagged along. Of course my connection to Billy Graham is also my livelihood. As the second president of the University of Northwestern (formerly Northwestern College) he created the radio ministry that now includes Life 102.5.

To celebrate how extensive Billy Graham’s reach has been a friend of the ministry suggested we start a movement of people sharing their stories with the hashtag #iamone.
Because I am one of many who’s lives have been touched by Billy Graham and will forever be grateful for his ministry.

Kathie Lee Gifford shared a wonderful story in the memory of Billy Graham as well as how her family changed because of him.

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