In March of 2015 I lost my son at 18 weeks pregnant. I was so lost, broken, and didn’t know where to turn. I had been leaving the hospital and decided to flip through the radio stations and came across Life 102.5. The song “The Hurt and the Healer” by MercyMe was playing and it resonated with every deep sorrow I was feeling. I truly felt God speaking to me through that song in that moment. It’s because of this station playing that song at the right time when I needed it that saved me from what surely would’ve been a deep dark downward spiral. Instead of letting my sorrow take hold, I leaned into God. Because of this station, I went back to church that weekend (hadn’t gone since I was a kid), I got baptized that summer, I am now a part of the worship team and tell everyone how great our loving Father is. It wasn’t me that had the strength to get through such sorrow…it was God’s never wavering love and unshaking strength that carried me through. Thank you for being there as an outlet for people to connect with God.

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