I am the proud parent of my 17 year old grandson whom I adopted when he was 2. I have raised him as a single parent and it has been very rewarding but also very stressful. We both love the Lord, one time he even announced to me, “that I am no longer his best friend, Jesus is.”
With that said, I am 60 years old, almost done raising children when here comes a call from Foster Care Services asking me to take my 9 year old nephew and possible adopt him. We of course said yes but getting him into school, scheduling after school care, building bunk beds, re-organizing the closet and cabinets to welcome him has been very challenging, as we live in a very small house. Not to mention, the though of parenting a 16 year old at the age of 66 is a little scary. And when others ask me how I do it, I tell them, “I don’t, this is all God’s work.”
I love listening to 102.5 during the day while at work and when Breathe from Johnny Diaz comes on, I realize that I can rest at his feet and regroup. Also, the song, One Thing Remains comes on, I realize that God has never left my side and I should not fear. I also love all the support and encouragement given in between songs. Thank you for assisting me everyday with such great messages of strength.

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