With November being adoption month, I’d like to share mine! I was adopted in 1959 as an infant by June and Robert Hammersley. I had one older brother, Gery. I was an answer to their prayers as they were unable to have children of their own. I was blessed to be in a family full of God, devotion and love. My Parents taught me humor, reverence and how to have a servants heart. I could not have been more blessed. I am the only remaining member of my family as I’ve had to let each of them return to God. After I lost my brother to cancer, I suddenly felt alone, orphaned.
As we all do, we carry on for our own families and I was no different.

In August of 2014, I had 3 encounters in one week to remind me of my beautiful family, but also encouragement to seek out my birth Mother. When one has 3 nudges, it seemed to be God talking so I filled out paperwork to do a search. I was Asked to write a letter that my birth parents would read. Whatever would I say? I expressed gratitude for giving me life, shared how amazing my parents were, and how much I believed in God. I received a reply saying to allow six weeks for research. But only three days later, I received a call from the social worker in Dane County who had just gotten off phone with my birth Mother! I learned she was sexually assaulted as a teenager, was sent to Milwaukee to deliver me in a convent. And, she very much wanted to meet me!
Although it took awhile to get the courage, I did meet with her! I knew from beginning God was in control, I was the recipient of his Grace, and I have just let it be his will.

The day we met, I agreed to pick her up at her home for a lunch date. As I drove to her house, I realized it was the anniversary date my brother died. Somehow I knew he and my Parents were involved in this. I sheepishly approached her door with flowers. She opened the door and stared into my eyes, seemed like a long silence. Her first words spoke of knowing my eyes. She told me she would stand at the glass of the nursery each day and stare at me. She said the nuns did not allow her to hold me, and asked if she could hold me now? From there she held my arm, walked me to her large family portrait and introduced me to my 2 sisters, 2 brothers, and my nieces and nephews!

Since that afternoon, my life has not been the same! My three sons and I have a whole new family! It is a family full of love, acceptance and blessings! God gave me my Mother! How lucky am I to know the love of two Mothers. One gave me my life, one taught me how to live it. Both of these women have my heart! As I said, when Gods grace is in control, I can only accept it and be grateful.

My birth Mother, Donna had been through so much pain over this pregnancy.

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  • Sindee says:

    Your story brought tears to my eyes. God is so wonderful, he just never seems to stop. Blessings to you and your new family!

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