My daughter moved to Madison almost 2 years ago after graduating from college. I live in Missouri. Periodically she would text me the “nearly impossible question.” When I was visiting her, she had 102.5 on in the car. When I left to drive home I set my radio to 102.5. I heard that there is a phone app for the station. After I got home, I downloaded the app. Now I listen to the morning show as I get ready for work. I like knowing that my daughter is listening to it too. We text/talk about things we hear on the show. It’s just a fun connection. I like hearing about what’s going in Madison. Sometimes I hear something that I think would make a great gift for my daughter. It puts me in a better mood to start my day with Christian music and the morning show. One morning Morgan was listening as she worked. She didn’t catch the whole thing but they were talking to someone on the air and she thought “Wow! That sounds so much like my mom.” It was me! I donated to 102.5 today in honor of my daughter, Morgan, & her roommate, Lynn.

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  • Morgan says:

    I love getting to share this part of my day with my mom! It’s comforting to know that we are listening to the same thing even though we are so far apart. It bring me closer to God and to my mom!

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