Tonight I attended a class at my church that is meant to help me heal from a very painful part of my past. Tonight’s class was ended with a demonstration that struck me to the core. A facilitator described her experience with a rose saying that she started out with her center torn out and that experience left her making decisions that resulted in her giving away just a little more of herself each time leaving her with just a few pieces. As she spoke she pulled out the middle of the rose then a pedal at a time until only a few were left. After her demonstration she handed each of us in the class a fresh rose saying the God sees us like the new rose not like the rose she tore apart and that He loves us.
As I was driving home I found myself feeling heavy. I really didn’t understand this because the class left me feeling slightly more free from the pain I had been experiencing. During my ride I had 102.5 on when “Your love defends me” by Matt Maher came on and I found my self singing it as a Truth I needed to hear and praising God for Defending me, next came “You are More” By Tenth Avenue North which restated what we were just told in class. I am so grateful for your station and God for working through those words in the songs to help me grow and heal.

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