For all my Duck Dynasty fans out there, the thought of one the Roberston boys losing their signature hair likely causes mixed emotions in you: on one hand it feels like sacrilege; on the other hand you’re overcome with maddening curiosity. Well, Labor Day was the day for Jase. He lost his locks to benefit MiaMoo, his daughter Mia’s charity which focuses on cleft palate research, awareness, and treatment. Even his wife, Missy, was in the dark until the big reveal. She streamed the whole event live from her Facebook page and we want to share the results with you.

Fast forward if you’re short on time or, if you’re like me, sit back and revel in suspense the whole time and earn the reveal at the end.

What are your thoughts? Like it, love it, hate it? Who would you like to see lose their beard next?




One Response to "Duck Dynasty’s Jase Robertson loses his hair and beard for charity!"

  • Peter Dodge says:

    That was very gracious of the Robertson Clan, to let us in for a peek into you personal lives, one of your homes. Looked like a great place to spend an afternoon, quality fellowship.

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