Right now I am struggling to support my children as a single mom. Our family has been through so very much, but I am ever so grateful for every little blessing. We were in a car accident about two years ago, which left me with a shattered pelvic bone and cracked kneecap. During the long weeks of recovery I realized how much I had taken for granted. The simplest tasks had become impossibilities for me. It was an eye-opening and very humbling experience. At the time my husband became much more involved in alcohol and his abusiveness to our children increased to the point that my oldest considered ending her life. It was a heartbreaking time. Still, I couldn’t see how bad it was. I just thought with me in a nursing home that my oldest was having to do my work and getting overwhelmed.

A few months after I got back home things came to a head and I kicked him out of the house. It was so much better without him, but things were still tense, especially about money. It was around this time that I found Christian music. I lived off of it whenever I was in the car. I have found that when my car radio is tuned into 102.5 I am a better person for it. There have been so many times when exactly the right song came on at the specific point I needed it. I love to sing along! God bless you all and thank you so much for getting me through such a difficult time.

We would appreciate any prayers you can spare!

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