Not too long ago, I sat in my car for about 3 hours, bawling my eyes out. I wasn’t planning on going home that night. All I could think about was how exhausted I was; single mom of 3; full time career in a high pressure environment; bills higher than my paychecks; stress larger than my strength. I was tired of being strong for everyone else. I was tired of painting on a smile. I was tired of teaching my kids that they could do ANYTHING through Christ, yet I felt like I was capable of nothing. Though I would never tell anyone any of this; I just continued to smile and coast through each day.

I wasn’t planning on going home that night, because I no longer felt I could paint on a smile amd pretend to be well. I couldn’t think of one reason my kids needed me, because I was a disaster. I was bitter over trying over and over, and over, and never feeling like I was good enough. My heart was breaking. I wasn’t planning on going home that night; but I was planning the best way to end my life, to make sure I ended it, and couldn’t survive my efforts.

As my mind was exploding, I turned on the radio. It was programmed to Life 102.5, and the song was “Even If”. I happened to turn on the radio on the exact second of the first note of the song. I had heard it a dozen times, but that night, I listened. I had this overwhelming surge of strength move through me, and I continued to listen. When it was done, I put my car into drive, and went home.

That song saved my life that night. That song left my kids with a mother. That song gave me the strength to get help. I’m seeking Christian counseling now, and looking forward to saying “it is well with my soul”.

Thank you. Thank you for being there in my hopeless moments.


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  • Pennie Schumacher says:

    Powerful story! I am a huge fan of “Mercy Me”, and this song has been impactful on my life as well. My husband & I have been caring for his Mom since early April as she was suffering from a deep depression. There were so many times I found myself thinking that I knew God could take it all away from her, but he wasn’t. She is 87 years old & very healthy but once again she was suffering from the horrible hold of depression & anxiety. We finally found the help that was needed by a wonderful team of doctors & she entered into inpatient care. Since medication was not working she had to go through ECT treatments which eventually brought her back to us. Each time I hear “Even If” I feel relief washing over me that even though God doesn’t answer our prayers the way we think he should…he does always answer! My Mother-In-Law is well & enjoying life again. This song brought me strength and hope every time I heard it on 102.5 & continues to do so. All is well with her soul…and ours!!

  • Ashley says:

    Your story is so inspiring as I am in the current spot of feeling hopeless as a wife and mother of 3. Stress with money and kids and a husband who works a million hour as our marriage crumbles to pieces for a number of reasons. Your strength and heart has inspired me to fight harder and relearn to love my own life.
    Thank you

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