After 23 years of marriage my wife finally got fed up with dishonesty and deceit and told me she thought our marriage was over but that we needed to stay together for a few months till our daughter got married. I was devastated and looking back today, I died on that day, May 1st 2017. Through God’s will, my wife asked me if I wanted to attend a session with her counselor, that I didn’t even know she was seeing, later that week. Her counselor was part of the Christian counseling community and through that session she recommended to me some possible counselors for myself to try and get my life in order. She gave me four of her top choices but highly recommended her first choice although she didn’t think he was taking any new patients. I immediately went home and started making phone calls. I just was able to leave a message with her top choice and with little hope of a call back, I left a message and moved on to two three and four. All of which were not taking new patients. I was about as low as you can get at that point until about 8:00pm that night when her top recommendation called me back and said he would see me the following week. I later found out that my wife’s counselor had called him personally and asked him to make time if possible to see me. (Through this God’s work was already in action!). My first session was allowing my counselor to get to know me but by the second session he came out hard and told me I was a narcissist. Everything was “all about me” and he said with those tendencies that repairing my marriage of 23 years was doubtful. This was a big enough hit to me, but I still hoped that he had some “magic potion” or “silver bullet” that would help me and salvage not only myself personally but also my marriage. His next words pretty much floored me even though I thought I was a good Christian with faith and attending church etc. He told me I had to find God, truly find God, to help me and guide me down a path of righteousness, respect and honesty. He gave me three things to do before my next visit and those three things came in this order:
Start listening to Life102.5 on the radio. Purchase the book, “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young and to start spending 15 to 20 minutes a day praying and talking to Jesus. It’s really been through the inspirational music from Life 102.5 along with fully giving myself to God and following the journey that he now has me on that I will be officiating my daughters wedding within the week. My wife and I are working together to make this the joyous and memorable occasion that it should be and I have great hope that my wife and I are on a path to putting our marriage back together.
Thanks to God and your great inspirational radio station

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