I love listening to you every morning!! Mercy Me is one of my favorites. On March 14th my Sister in Love went to the hospital for what was supposed to be a routine heart ablation. While they were doing the operation unbeknownst to the surgeon another part of her heart started internally bleeding. God was there though because there was a renowned heart surgeon in the hospital right at that time. He came into the operating room & opened her up and stopped the bleeding. However she was without oxygen for 23 minutes!! They thought she would be a vegetable. Well a lot happened that would take a long time to explain. Just suffice it to say our family prayed and hung onto the song “Even If” by Mercy Me. God answered prayer and Sherry is alive and functioning almost normally except for her sight and some quirks in her left side. Praise God she’s still with us and this ordeal brought us closer to God and to each other as well! My husband & I and my brother & sister in love, Sherry will be going to the BREWER game on the 17th and staying for the Mercy Me concert after. They will never know how God used their song for us to hang onto but God bless them!!!

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