Last year was a whirlwind. I graduated college in May, got married in June, and started a new job in August. Everything was going great. Then, in November we unexpectedly found out we were pregnant! It was such a surprise but such a blessing. I experienced so many emotions in that first week – fear, nervousness, excitement, joy, pure bliss. Then, about a week later, as we were trying to figure out how to announce the news to our families at Thanksgiving, I began bleeding and having a lot of pain. I ended up in the ER and was told that the symptoms I was having were because I was in the midst of a miscarriage. My heart was broken. I felt numb. I had so much blood drawn for tests but I didn’t feel any of the needles. The baby I never got to meet was no longer there. I just remember walking to my car after being in the ER for 6 hours and breaking down crying. I always have 102.5 on in my car and on my way home that day the song “Thy Will” by Hillary Scott and the Scott Family came on and it went straight to my heart. The words in that song spoke so clearly to the emotions I was feeling and how lost I felt in that moment. I went home that day and listened to that song on repeat for 2 hours while I laid on the couch and cried. It was so hard to see how God could possibly use that situation for good, but I knew in my soul that God absolutely had a plan and I just needed to be faithful and trust in His will. Every time I hear that song and others on Life 102.5 I am reminded that God has a plan and He is faithful. I would be an emotional wreck without the uplifting and encouraging and honest songs on your station. Thank you for being in Madison and sharing the love of God with us all. I will always be grateful for the love and encouragement I experience through your station.

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