So I’ve always had God in my life in one form or another. When I was a child my grandmother would pick up myself and my two cousins and take us to church every Sunday. I was baptized and confirmed Presbyterian. I went to a church camp in my area every summer for five straight years. Sky Lodge Christian camp in Montello, WI is still there and I recommend it to anyone in their early to late teens to go or even work at. There’s horseback riding, carpet ball, and even a hitching post where you can buy snacks. It’s actually where I learned the cup dance before the song even came out!
My downfall came when I became a teenager and drifted away from the light of God. Doing drugs and drinking were more fun for me. I never reached out and looked for help when in my heart I knew that all the things that I was doing were wrong and not what God wanted for my life. I always knew he was there. I would talk to him from time to time, but always in secret and was never really proud of my Christianity. I like to think that it was God that gave me the strength of will to quit doing all the things that I shouldn’t have been doing. I owe it all to him and all my praise goes to him and his wonderful glory. I know that if I hadn’t been shown the way by my grandmother at a very young age and helped by my parents who suggested that camp my life would have gone in a far different direction.
Knowing these things about myself, I am making sure that my daughter knows about God and the wonderful things that he is capable of. I know that she will one day have to make the same choices that I at one point had to make and I just pray that she will be stronger in her faith than I was to make better choices in her teenage years. I will do all I can to be there for her in any way that I can and let her know that God is always there when I’m not.

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