I just had to share my story….

My husband has been dealing with depression for almost 2 years now.  Our marriage has been an emotional roller coaster.  The one constant that I can find is God.  I pray and I turn to him when I am at my worst with it all.  We have had a good streak of good days and for that I am blessed.  This morning my husband was in an amazing mood and told me that against all the adversity we can be unstoppable.  This is my husband that I sometimes feel I have lost.  I responded with AMEN!  Within the same minute of me saying this my favorite song came on… Chainbreaker!!!  This song hits me every time.  The radio was on as loud as it could go in my car and I sang it from the top of my lungs.  I felt so much emotion in that minute tears overcame me.  I felt the presence of God with me in that moment and I knew it would all be ok.  My husband doesn’t believe the same way I believe, but I know how I feel when I bring my troubles to God.  Thank you so much for continuing to share amazing music that seems to touch me in so many ways.  Seems like when I need a song the perfect song comes on in the right moment!

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