About 10 years ago I wrote your station to tell you how deeply hurt by betrayal and deep sorrow. I also found out I had cancer. I had a daughter and a brother with Down Syndrome, I couldn’t listen to my oldies or soft rock as it would tear me up inside. I happened upon Life 102.5 and the songs inspired by God healed me Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually. I believed God would get me through both trials.
I would pray while listening to your beautiful music, and words would inspire me. I would ask Jesus to put his arms around me and not let me go. He did! I truly believe he saved my life many times. His love is beyond words. A song will always come on just when I need that song most and that is why I have made monthly payments for so many years now. It is my prayer for you and your station that listeners would contribute. This means so much to all of us, to have everyone pay something for the feelings we received from that beautiful music, Anything they can give. I started off small. I’m not rich but I give what I can. I just think to myself when I listen to a great song. Is someone being saved by the holy spirit now?

Thank you, for being here for me.

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