Last year I lost my Grandma to a lieu of medical issues and then shortly after my dad died from suicide because of his addictions. Hoping for a better 2017 I told myself every night “this is my year” “something great was going to happen this year” only hoping that I would be blessed with a different job that would financially provide for my family, so that we didn’t have to work so many jobs to get by anymore. Only a few weeks into the New Year life took a MAJOR turn and I found out my husband and I were expecting our third child. This was not planned. We had talked about more kids but YEARS down the road, so shocked, upset, nervous were only a few emotions that took over. I am still coping with the fact that here I am wanting life to provide more financially but instead I am costing myself more. Furthermore, it really was only a week before finding out my news that I discovered Life 102.5. By listening to this channel, I truly am starting to feel this is what my plans are. Bring life to my current losses, and trust that this new baby is a blessing in disguise.

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