Jodi Schmidt teaches first grade at Oakfield Elementary School in Wisconsin. One of her students, Natasha Fuller, was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease as a toddler. She has been on dialysis but doctors say she needs a kidney transplant in order to survive. Natasha is so happy despite her sickness and that struck a chord with Mrs. Schmidt.

Around Christmastime Mrs. Schmidt decided she wanted to give Natasha one of her kidneys. “I always felt like there was more in life that I should be doing,” says Schmidt. That was just the beginning of the process, first she had to take tests to find out if her kidney was even compatible with Natasha’s body. In the first week of March she got the news that she was a match! Mrs. Schmidt talked it over with her family and within days was able to pass along the happy news to Natasha and her grandparents.

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