Christian apologist Nabeel Qureshi grew up as a devout Muslim, but came to follow Christ after discovering who Jesus really is. One of his key objections to Christianity centered on the cross and the resurrection. He reviews the arguments with us and we hear his story recounted in his book .

Nabeel travels the world and speaks on behalf of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. What does he come across when it comes to the attitudes of those of other faiths? Nabeel shares that Good Friday “seems like a farce to Muslims.” They believe Jesus was a prophet but never claimed to be God and never died on a cross. Here are some of the other questions they come with:

•  Did Jesus really believe He was God?

•  Who is running the universe if God dies, as Christians claim?

•  How does an innocent man dying 2,000 years ago pay for my sin today?

•  Why can’t God just forgive us? Why does sin demand a sacrifice?

Nabeel responds that, in order for God to be infinitely merciful and infinitely just, He needs to take some sort of action to remedy the damage done by sin. His love is demonstrated in the act of dying in our place. God demanded death. God Himself paid the price.

Nabeel says that we can build relationships with our Muslim neighbors and coworkers by honoring their culture and beliefs, asking questions with humility, and serving them in Jesus’ Name. This Easter season, pray for opportunities to invite not only Muslims, but atheists, those with New Age practices, and nominal church-goers to service on Good Friday or Easter Sunday. Nabeel encourages us to keep praying for God to reach unbelievers.

“What we do with Jesus is … the most important question we have to answer. There is no better choice you can ever make than to follow God.”

Highlight – How the world views Easter

How the world views Easter

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