Fighting in a relationship happens, and according to a new study if you fight the right way it could do a lot of good for your relationship. They key is fighting fair. Healthy conflict resolution can help your relationship to become more resilient. Arguments handled well can help you and your spouse bond and grow stronger by problem solving together. So we’re curious what are some of the ways you and your spouse fight well?

Some responses we heard this morning were:

  • When bringing a problem to light use “I” statements instead of “you” statements so your significant other doesn’t feel attacked and is more open to hear you.
  • Don’t let the “D” word (divorce) into your vocabulary at all.
  • During a fight, no kitchen sinking. Kitchen sinking is when you bring all of your old issues and fights into the current fight. It rehashes the past, which no one has control over.
  • Avoid hurtful words or personal attacks. Those things can’t be taken back once they’ve been said and can lead to deeper wounds down the road.

We’d love to hear how you and your spouse fight fair! Share your ideas in the comments.

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