In 2012 Caleb’s family was enjoying a day outdoors when Caleb needed a nap. His mom, Jackie, brought him home to nap comfortably in his bed. After about an hour Jackie checked in on him and noticed he was moving around and starting to wake up so she let him wake up more fully and come out on his own. After about 5 minutes, however, Caleb didn’t come out on his own. When Jackie went back in to check on him he was having a seizure. She rushed him to the hospital so quickly she arrived in the emergency room barefoot. While doctors were working on helping Caleb he flat lined and went without oxygen for 12 minutes. Miraculously they were able to revive Caleb but his family was told he would never have the mental capacity to be aware of them again.

After 2 weeks of living on a breathing machine Caleb’s family had a decision to make, whether to take him off of the breathing machine and pray he breathes on his own or leave him on the breathing machine for the rest of his life. Caleb’s family chose to take him off of the breathing machine, believing God would give Caleb the breath of life. After Caleb’s breathing tubes were taken out he struggled to breathe with his oxygen levels slowly declining. Jackie held Caleb as it seemed he was slowly slipping away, eventually his body was purple and lifeless. His family thought Caleb had passed on when all of the sudden he took a breath, then 20 seconds later another breath. Soon he began breathing on his own and minutes later the nurse gave the good news, that he was stable.

There is a long road ahead of Caleb and therapy has been helping immensely but the family still needs help. There is a fundraiser on Sunday, Feb. 21 at Glacier Rock in Baraboo. If you can’t make it but would like to support Caleb’s family you can here.

4 Responses to "Caleb’s story"

  • Rosannah says:

    Caleb is such an amazing little boy. I have the pleasure of knowing the family. God is working on Caleb every day. He is so loved by many. Such a special little man

    1. Dave Conour says:

      His story is so inspiring. It’s wonderful proof of God’s love and healing.

  • Becky says:

    Caleb’s family has been a blessing to me. I witness the love every Sunday …not only the love for one another but more importantly to God as well. If you’re able to stop by on Sunday…it’d be a blessing!

    1. Dave Conour says:

      They sound like a wonderful bunch. After all they have been through, they are an inspiration.

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