Your testimony is your story.  Uniquely yours, can your story make a difference?

In the past I’ve always been very hesitant to share my faith story or testimony with people.  I would think that it had no possibility of impacting someone’s life.  How could it?  My testimony is pretty uneventful.  I’ve heard so many strong and compelling stories of how people have come to know Christ.  The trials and struggles they overcame and they turned to God.  My testimony just can’t hold up next to those stories.  So why share it?

That’s what I used to think.  Then God opened my eyes.  It felt like God was saying, “I created you, your life, your story, uniquely for you.  It is important and can make an impact on someone if you’d just be willing to share.”  I realized that people come to know God in many different circumstances.  Maybe sharing my testimony that seems uneventful could help someone come to know Him.  Who am I to question what God can use for an impact?

The basics of my testimony….

I was born into a Christian family, accepted Christ and was baptized at a young age and attended Sunday School classes, bible studies, VBS, and church on a regular basis. I was very involved in youth groups, FCA and other clubs and organizations declaring faith in High School.  I did have a traumatic event in High School that made some drastic changes in my life but God was there before that, after that, and through all of it.  I attended a private University and was involved in a few different organizations and bible studies throughout those years as well.  After college I dug deep into the church and found many ways to serve. I’ve worked in Ministry for over 3 years and continue to grow deeper in my walk with Christ.

There’s my story. No frills, no major transformations that led me to God.  Just my story.  Sure I’ve had struggles, I’ve had my moments, I’ve overcome some big challenges but I feel like those only planted my feet more securely in the God I already knew and loved.  Can my testimony have an impact?  Sure! I believe God can use anything for His glory.  Will it?  I’ll never know unless I allow Him to use it. All of our stories are unique.  Hand crafted by God for us to share and impact others.

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