The world is literally at our fingertips through amazing technology, but what is all this access and information doing to us? We get a fresh perspective on technology, culture, and faith with Craig Detweiler – professor, filmmaker, cultural commentator and author of iGods: How Technology Shapes Our Spiritual And Social Lives.  Discover timely assistance in sorting the digital from the divine!

“We are training the next generation to look down rather than look up.” – Craig

In the midst of the incredible opportunities presented by an information age, there are real challenges as well. For one, we’re actually training ourselves to disconnect with those we come in contact with each day as we increasingly focus on the device in our hands or at our fingertips. We’ve grown increasingly aloof from the things happening right around us, and yet – so often – we don’t even realize it’s happening. For one thing, our brains really aren’t able to multitask to the degree we think that they are.

“One of the rare things we can offer one another is undivided attention.” – Craig

Information overload has become a common affliction. What are we to do with all of the inputs we’re receiving? We have almost developed a blind faith in technology. Stepping on an airplane takes faith, when you think about it! People believe that our lives are on an inexorable arc of improvement due to the wonders of technology. Whatever problem we encounter, we tend to believe that the solution is only an innovation or two away.

As people of faith, it’s especially key for us that we find time – or make time – to still listen for that still, small voice. We delve into what Craig terms a theology of technology. Is the church itself a connection tool?

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Technology, culture and faith

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