As we go through life, it’s inevitable that we’ll face times of challenges, fear, and pain.
It’s in those tough times where we find out who we are, and whose we are.

There’s always something to learn from life’s challenges. As Pastor Rick Warren says,

“Don’t waste your pain.”

But during those tough times of life, we do need encouragement just to make it through, and that’s the aim of Holley Gerth’s  book   She joined Ted and PK to share 3 ways we can learn to be OK during difficult periods in life:

1. You won’t sabotage yourself

Gerth says as we experience and learn from past challenges and struggles, we’ll understand that there are some things that we do to ourself that can actually hurt the healing process:

“We all have our different ways of sabotaging ourself, which means that we’re going through something hard, and we make choices to feel better in the moment that make things even harder…[ask yourself] ‘what do I tend to go to instead of God? Is it food, is it a substance, is it shopping, is it something good in my life that’s not the best in those moments?’ And then saying, ‘God, what do you want to give me instead?'”

2. You can choose your attitude

When we face challenges and when things don’t go our way, it can be remarkably easy to develop a toxic attitude. And that, in turn, can harm every other area of your life. But Gerth says as we learn from our struggles, we can also learn to choose which attitude we’ll take:

“We can change our brains. When we begin to think new thoughts we literally create new pathways in our minds…When God said we are to be transformed by the renewing of our minds, He meant that not just spiritually, but physically. And so we can say, ‘I have this attitude in my life and it’s not aligning with the way God has created me to live…what do You want me to be thinking about instead?’ And gradually over time we really can change ourselves.”

3. You’ll have lots of practice

As much as it is the tendency to think it, we’ll inevitably go through countless tough times in life. But as Gerth says, that can be a good thing:

“[We] think ‘well, if I know the truth, the first time that I think it, then I should feel it and I should be able to live it.’ And that’s just not how we work. It’s a process. And so I encourage people on those days when you’re saying the truth and you don’t feel it at all, that is part of being human and God understands. But if you’ll just keep pressing through, at some point you’ll put those pathways in place and you can change, which offers us a lot of hope.”

Listen to Holley Gerth’s full interview with Ted and PK:

Holley Gerth

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