1. Lifesong 5:18
  2. Praise You In This Storm 4:57
  3. Does Anybody Hear Her 4:30
  4. Stained Glass Masquerade 3:52
  5. Love Them Like Jesus 4:32
  6. Set Me Free 4:27
  7. While You Were Sleeping 4:53
  8. Father, Spirit, Jesus 5:12
  9. In Me 4:45
  10. Prodigal 5:46
  11. And Now My Lifesong Sings 4:03

Praise You In This Storm

Casting Crowns

One story about "Praise You In This Storm"

  • Patricia Duckworth says:

    When I first moved to WI from CA I had only been here for a few monthsand my brother in law had tickets to a concert for Casting crowns.The person that one of the tickets was for couldn’t go at the last minute and he asked someone else and they couldn’t go either. Finally he asked me to go and I gladly accepted.. I had not heard their music before nor had I experienced a Christian concert.. I truly believe that God’s intention was for me to be there at that time and place.That was an awesome and inspiring event in my life and I will never, ever, forget that I was SO very touched and blessed that day. I rarely listen to anything but Life 102.5 or a CD of my favorite Christian bands.

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