1. Indescribable 3:57
  2. Holy Is the Lord 4:12
  3. How Great Is Our God 5:05
  4. Your Grace Is Enough 4:47
  5. Unfailing Love 3:59
  6. The Way I Was Made 3:33
  7. Mighty Is The Power Of The Cross 6:04
  8. All Bow Down 4:06
  9. On Our Side 3:37
  10. King Of Glory 3:08
  11. You Do All Things Well 4:46

How Great Is Our God

Chris Tomlin

3 stories about "How Great Is Our God"

  • Brian K says:

    WOW !! Every time I hear this I just STOP….close my eyes and Praise God !! He just over takes me and fills me again :)

  • Bill D. Shane says:

    My wife and I were practicing our list of worship team song while driving down the road. The weather on this fall day was snow or sleet and the road had about one inch of slush on it. Our travel speed was about 40 MPH when we saw a semi in the other lane with what we thought were more then ten cars behind it. The semi was about fifty yards from us when the car right behind it came into our lane. There was no time to react. This car should have hit us head on but nothing happened and the car was beyond us and the semi. My wife and I looked at each other and had to pull over and stop along the road. I asked her what just happened and she said. ”I do not know but we should thank our good Lord Jesus Christ for saving us both”. We did worship and praise him and this song was on the radio throughout this event. We praise him all the time and we understand that without him we have nothing. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!!

  • Karen Casey says:

    “How Great is Our God” is a breathtaking song. The guitar group at our church sings this song, and its one of my favorites. I love the Lord Jesus so very much. I want His Will for my life, truly. He knows my heart and my every thought. Praise His Holy Name! God’s blessings to you for creating and singing this song.

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