1. Sing 3:58
  2. Before the Morning 4:11
  3. Listen 3:20
  4. Do You Want To Know 4:47
  5. How To Fall 3:15
  6. Right In Front Of Me 3:40
  7. Amazing Grace (Instrumental) 2:46
  8. Digital Booklet: Life Is Not A Snapshot 0:00

Before The Morning

Josh Wilson

One story about "Before The Morning"

  • Rachel says:

    Lately I have been feeling quote on quote “depressed” and I used the quotations because I cant really say that I was depressed I was mainly feeling extremely down. I have many pains in my life and I was wondering why I was on this earth. I was questioning why God put me on this earth if I was just going to be in pain all my life. I was listening to life 102.5 at the time. I was asking God the question why put me through this pain, I asked him to help me. And right after I prayed this song came on. And I know that it was not a coincidence God was sending me a message through this song. I have felt the holy sprit move through me. Thank you for that

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