If you are struggling with codependence or other relationship issues join us for our upcoming Codependence workshop to Develop healthy relationships with God, self and others. The Christian Codependence Recovery Workbook: From Surviving to Significance takes you through a truth-finding journey to reveal your system of love, life and relationships. The journey toward healing is extraordinary. We may begin this journey bitter or angry toward others for the wrongs they committed against us. We may live our lives based on our perception of not measuring up. We may function in relationships as the “one” who has to hold it all together by fixing and managing. We may have felt overwhelmed by our own shame and guilt. But through recovery, we find authentic acceptance. We also discover that wounded areas in our lives become gateways to new beginnings. The negative experiences don’t go away , but they do become a part of our over-all life experience. When we embrace forgiveness and benefit from its remedy, we can offer that same remedy to others. This means we are able to accept others too. Imagine this-spending the rest of our lives feeling totally accepted exactly how we are! Imagine not having to worry about the flaws or the failures in our life. How freeing!

This workshop provides a confidential recovery environment that meets weekly to
practically addresses the manifest behaviors, emotions and needs of the codependent, while simultaneously introducing the precious truths of God’s love. This workbook doesn’t just diagnose the problem, but offers the healing principles of the Lord Jesus Christ in a fresh and profound way. When applied, you will have the opportunity to walk in freedom and grace, rather than bondage and control. Above all, this journey allows you to find freedom, purpose and identity in Christ. For information and registration contact [email protected]@gmail.com. For more information regarding the resource book used and questions regarding tangled relationships and or codependency visit: http://www.christiancodependence.com/definecodependence.html

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