Show kindness with the Drive-thru Difference

Are you looking for a specific way to express love and kindness through the Kindness Challenge?

I think we would all agree that we LOVE our city and want nothing more than to shower it with a little more kindness.  The beauty of kindness is that it often sparks a chain reaction…the GOOD kind of contagious!  At Life 102.5, we want encourage people to consider paying for the person behind you in the drive thru, in line at the coffee shop or supermarket OR even at a table across the restaurant from you.

If you are interesting in modeling this kind of love and kindness to Madison and Southern Wisconsin, simply print out the Drive-thru Difference Letter (PDF). Take it with you when you go about your day.  When the opportunity presents itself, hand it to the cashier to give to the person in the car or line behind you. It’s a little note to let them know why you care so much.

We would love to hear your stories! You can call Life 102.5 at 866.999.1025, or share your story below.

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