Summer Shepherd


When puddles fight back

There has been a lot of rainfall in Madison in the past few days, with more to come. As reports of flooding come in, make sure you’re extra cautious when you decide to have a carefree splash in a puddle.   You’ve been warned. -Summer…


Don’t trust the calm, trust the harness.

I was recently asked to type out my testimony and that is a story I can tell in my sleep. As I started transcribing what I had shared a hundred times before, I realized that the power I was describing- the power that changed my life, broke addictions, and had shown me things that were beyond comprehension- had become just words for me.…


Happy birthday to… me?

No, it’s not my birthday, but thanks for wondering! It’s my husband’s, or was yesterday. And yet, it was just another day. I’ve been thinking lately about how expectations change as we grow older. When we were younger our birthdays were a big deal, and I mean a BIG deal. We couldn’t wait to wake up and…


It’s time to go back to camp

Do you remember summer camp as a kid? I’ve been thinking about my own experience lately: being deemed a hero for removing a dead moth from a bunk mate’s pillow, being terrified of the trust fall, wondering if I was daring enough to perform in the talent show. Some of our best memories and dearest friendships are made at…


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