Marcia’s story

I had to go into the hospital and have a heart ablation and when they got me on the table they asked what kind of music I wanted to listen to and I said Christian. They had to make my heart go superfast so they could find a little area that was making my heart go too fast sending me to the ER to have them slow it down. I had to be awake. I was tied down…

Sabrina’s story

My husband and I were going through a very difficult situation with his ex-wife and his visitation rights. Though I use the term loosely. We were struggling to find funds to pay for an attorney and to travel out of state to see his three children. Their mother seemed to believe that she could dictate when and how he would be able to spend…

Clarence’s story

The Lord is working through life 102.5 and is on the move in mighty ways. This week has been very tough for me and my family. My mom major heart surgery on Tuesday, 5 bypasses on her heart. My sister had knee replacement surgery the same day. That with work and other stuff we go through in life has made this a very challenging week. The Lord…

Sue’s story

Last week was a bad week for me. I suddenly, without warning, lost my oldest brother due to a massive brain bleed. When I heard about the event I immediately began praying. 1st I asked God to perform a miracle, and to save my brother. If that was not his will, I asked that God not let him suffer long. I was stunned when God brought him home.…

Lauren’s story

In November 14 2016 I had an emergency c-section. My baby girl was 3 months early and a small 4 lbs. we were fine for a while until the doctor came in and said that Nora had an infection and they were running tests. She somehow got a rare blood infection called serratia. They started treatment right away and I was at her bedside as much as…

Tami’s story

Went on a trip to see a friend who had open heart surgery.. 10 Hr. Drive Without much money, however I saw this family when my family and I were out to dinner and they looked kind of sad. I told my husband I felt truly blessed that we were even able to go so far away to see our friends so I used the money I had saved to spend on something special…

Jusu’s story

Indeed, God is good. One day I was tuning through radio stations and I came across Life 102.5 since then I had been listening to it. Life 102.5 has helped me so much throughout my academical struggle when I was having a difficult time in life and how to finish my program it was tough for me. Amazing gospel songs it always brightens my day…

Brenda’s story

About 5 years ago I slipped on ice and I felt a bone break before I even hit the ground. I thought I had broken my right ankle. I broke my left ankle and leg about 15 years ago. I drug myself to our porch steps and screamed outside for my daughters who were in the house getting ready for school. Luckily one of them heard me. My husband was out…

Virginia’s story

I started listening to 102.5 while recovering from the loss of my husband to suicide 3 years ago. He struggled with anxiety and depression. Whether I’m feeling down or not these days, I just want to dance when I hear this uplifting, spiritual music. It touches my soul. I also had the opportunity to see Ryan Stevenson at the County…

Sandy’s story

I recently returned home from a short-term mission trip to Lithuania where a group of teens and some adults from my church go every year to be involved in Discovery Camp, an English Bible camp. One of the daily routines is singing worship songs, in Lithuanian in the morning sessions, and in English in our evening sessions. Our American…

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Do I have to earn God’s love?

To some degree, everybody grows up in a world where love is conditional. I think we have a hard time not projecting that onto God as if He can’t be any different.



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