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10 easy ways to promote your pastor

Pastor Appreciation Month (October) is a great opportunity for individuals and the church, as a whole, to show love and appreciation for their pastor.  Here are 10 ways to express gratitude, honor your clergy, and thank your pastor’s devoted family members during Pastor Appreciation Month: 1.  Pray for your pastor.  …


On being a super hero

For Father’s Day, my husband received a key chain inscribed with “Dad-a daughter’s first love and a son’s first hero.” That reality became clear this week when my son came home with a second grade homework assignment to write about a hero of his.  He told me he was trying to decide between New York…


Talking with your kids about their day

You probably know what it’s like. Your child comes home from school, tosses their backpack in the hall and mumbles a “Hi”. You ask how their day was and they say “fine” and that’s pretty much your conversation. It doesn’t have to be like that. iMom.com has 18 after school conversation…


What I wish I could say to every teenage girl

This past year has been full of a lot of changes for me. This picture is very reflective of my heart changing process. There has been some great spiritual changes, and some long time coming. My pastor says that “we may impress people with our strengths, but we connect emotionally with our weakness.” So get ready for some…


School lunches boring already?

Are your kiddos complaining already about the boring, cold lunches that they have to take to school?   Do you take your kids shopping to get them pumped up and let them choose items to put into their lunch only to grab the same ol’ things?  Me too!  It’s so much easier to throw a PB&J sandwich in with an apple and…


42 life lessons

Today is my forty-second birthday. Here are 42 things I’ve learned and observed in the last 42 years. Some are more serious than others.   1. Cooking bacon without a shirt on is a bad idea. 2. You must forgive everyone. EVERYONE. 3. You will make some stupid decisions in life. Learn from them. 4. You will meet both wonderful and…


A time to say “No!”

Sarah came to counseling astonished that it has taken her fifty years to finally learn how to say “No.” “I’ve always put everyone else first,” she said. “Now I see that I’ve only enabled my husband’s selfishness to flourish.” One of my relatives recently shared a similar story. At 74 years old, she wired up her…


Buddy goes to work

What would your work day look like if you brought your dog along to the office? Imagine your favorite ball of fur beside you as you meet with clients. Or make phone calls. Snuggled up beside you as you enter data on your computer. A growing number of businesses are allowing employees to bring their dogs to work. A survey of pet owners…


The skinny on diet soda

If you are trying to win the “battle of the bulge” it’s likely that you have turned to diet soda as your beverage of choice. Bubbly, bursting with flavor, and no calories—who could ask for more? Well, I am sorry to be the one to burst all those tiny bubbles, my friend, but I have some not-so-good news for you. Recent studies have…


Exposure therapy

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.         Philippians 4:6 Therapists at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN have developed an innovative approach to helping children overcome anxiety.  It’s called Exposure Therapy. Exposure…

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