Become a Day Sponsor

A significant way to support the ministry of Life 102.5 is as a Day Sponsor. For a gift of $2400 ($1200 for a half-day), you can share a message with Life 102.5 listeners on a day that is special to you or someone you know. It’s a great way to wish someone a Happy Birthday or Anniversary, recognize your pastor or honor a friend or loved one.

As a Full Day Sponsor your 25-second message will air 12 times on the day you choose. (Half Day Sponsors receive 6 messages.) Life 102.5 will produce and schedule your message and provide a copy for you to share. Day Sponsor gifts can be made at one time or given as 12 monthly contributions.

Most of all, as a Day Sponsor, you’ll be used by God in a mighty way as your gift makes it possible for the entire listening community to know and experience God’s love and the difference He makes in our lives!

For more information about becoming a Day Sponsor please fill out the form below or visit the donate page.